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Brent, Peter & Rolfe, David - Silent Witness 'The Mysteries of the Turin Shroud' Very good condition. Pub by Futura. Paperback 1-00
Carrott, Jasper - A Little Zit On The Side - SOLD Fair condition.  Comedy. Paperback. 0-50
Hobana Ion & Weverbergh Julien - UFO's From Behind The Iron Curtain - SOLD Good condition, several marks on cover. Paperback 1-50
Rowe, Dorothy - Depression "Self help Book"- SOLD Very good condition. Paperback. 0-50
MacLean, Alisair - Fear Is The Key. - SOLD Good condition, but with crease to spine. Pub by Fontana Books, 1969.  Thriller. 1-00
Maclean, Alistair - The Dark Crusader. - SOLD Good condition. Pub by fontana. Paperback. 1-00
MacLean, Alistair - Where Eagles Dare. - SOLD Good condition. Pub by Fontana, 1967. Thriller. 1-00
The UFO Casebook Very Good condition.  Pub by Blackcat. Hardback. 1-50
Ustinov, Peter - Ustinov Still At Large Good condition, small mark on front cover, few knocks. Pub by Michael O'Mara Books, 1994. 0-50
Williams, Eric - The Wooden Horse 'The Greatest Escape Stories of World War 2' - SOLD Good condition. Paperback. 0-75